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Laura Moss spent 16 months cycling 13,000 miles around the world. She is a director of The Adventure Syndicate and organises the annualCycle Touring Festival. Her husband, Tim, runs this website. Read more...


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    sean newall

    Yasss cant beat living off the jam sandwiches! Agree with you on the tourist attractions usually being some of the least interesting part of a journey.

    Enjoying the journey and videos you have been posting. Its now going to get all the more interesting with you two starting the Asia section of the trip!

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    I have saved up 7500 US to go on a three months cycling trek, starting off in most like Nice and down South to Cartagena; where I have to be in Ibiza for work for four days. Then I am going to fly from Ibiza to Amsterdam, and after work there for four days (work for a concert promoter), I am going to go Amsterdam to Prague through Germany (with many stops along the way). From there my intentions are to most likely either go to Italy or take a hopper to India, though I’d not be opposed to biking through the Balkans. My intentions are to eventually end up in Rio for the Olympics, My budget, though I am bringing 7500 US, is 2 Euro a day, and of course 50 each time, one night, in the bigger cities, to enjoy some good wine and food, or what’s the point. I can do snails and grass and ramen 10 days straight, but in Rome, or Prague or Venice or Rio, I want to go see a few locals hangouts and by the bar locals a round; im surely not going to invite them back to my tent free grazing in some wooded area and talk about my urine color from all the biking Ive done.

    Do you think I am taking too much, too little?> How much would you bring?

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      Tim Moss

      Thanks for the question Kip. As you can see in the article, we spent £700 (~$1,000) in the same time/place that you’re taking $7,500 so you should have plenty. If you’re taking too much then perhaps you’ll come home with enough change to plan another trip.

      You might like this article: How Much Does It Cost To Cycle Around The World?

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    I’m hoping to do something similar when the weather warms up. I am an Australian currently working in England trying to save money for my own European adventure and am hoping to do on the cheapest budget possible in order to get the full experience and see everything I want to. I see that you wild camped throughout your voyage. I’m hoping to do the majority wild camping then bits and pieces in hostels or in paid campgrounds.
    How did you find the wild camping aspect of the trip? Did you have any difficulties in terms of being caught or finding places to camp? Were you camping in tents most nights or just setting up under the stars?

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      Tim Moss

      Hi Michael, thanks for the message. Great to hear that you are thinking about going on a big bike trip.

      In answer to your questions:

      Wild camping was great and we never had any real problems. Unless we were out in the countryside with no buildings around, we asked someone for permission first.

      We would find somewhere that looked suitable – a park or patch of grass – then find the nearest house/shop/petrol station/farm and talk to them. We carried a letter translated into the local language to help with this (“Hello, we are Tim and Laura. We’ve cycled here from the UK. Is there somewhere safe we can camp?”).

      Our default was to camp in our tent but, if the weather was nice or we were somewhere where it paid to be a bit more subtle, we slept under the stars.

      You can see a breakdown of where we slept each night here: http://thenextchallenge.org/map/

      And we have a database of hundreds of other long-distance cyclists here: http://longdistance.bike/

      I hope that helps.



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