The largest bicycle touring data set in the world.

Long Distance Cycle Journeys (LDCJ) has data from over 400 cyclists with a combined experience of 500 years and almost 7 million kilometres on the road.

The LDCJ acts a record of bike journeys over 6,000 miles (10,000km) and a resource for anyone planning a cycle tour.

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Who's on the database?

List of cyclists registered (for the most up to date names, view the database): Josie Dew, Steven K. Roberts, Nancy Sathre and John Vogel, Martin Moschek, Stefan Löw, Matt Bridgestock, Dorothee Fleck, Alastair Humphreys, Rob Thomson, Tom Kevill Davies, Mark Beaumont, Rick Gunn, Dan Martin, Rob Lilwall, Julian Sayarer, Richard Thomas/Jodine Thomas, Adam Wolley, Dorothee Fleck, Helen and Ed Watson, Tom Allen, Oli Broom, Ollie Slee, Nancy Sathre-Vogel, John Vogel, Davy Vogel, Daryl Vogel, Helen Lloyd, Harriet and Neil Pike, Leon McCarron, Tyler Kellen & Tara Alan, Sean Newall, Bruce Gordon, Melissa Yule and Kate Harris, Emma Philpott and Justin Hewitt, Jamie King and Henry Brydon, Maarten Wagenmakers & Line van den Hout, Rebecca Holliday & Ryan Davies, Sarah, Tom, Helen Lloyd, Lars Bengtsson, Lee Hughes, Peter Andrew Gostelow, Ken McCallum, Sean Conway, Peter and Ian, Morrigan McCarthy and Alan Winslow, Ian Lacey Rick Arnett, Eleanor Moseman, Roger & Dee, Shane Little, Robert Halkett, Juliana Buhring, David Piper, Ryan McAfee, Michelle Cassel, James Desmond, Jilly Sherlock, Andreas Tridimas, Chris Tucker, Lucas Russo, Patrick De Barr, Richard Clark, Thamar Houliston, Tauru Chaw and Christi Bruchok, Morgan Monchaud, Siphay Vera, Brian Mathé, Etienne Houlès & Bertrand Dolci, Raf Polus, Thomas Bramall, Tom Cartledge & Rhys James, Dave Gill, Dave Conroy, Amaya Williams, Eric Schambion, Robbie Sage, Andy Madeley & Matt McDonald, Thomas Andersen, Betzgi, Dean McMenamin, Dominic Luther, Chris Hussey and Melanie Newman, Eric Alarie, Regis, Dorothee Fleck, Leana Niemand, Ronnie de Jong and Linda Hofstra, Alleykat – Alee Denham, Kat Webster, Stephen Fabes, Michael Haeuslmann, Hajar Sadeghinezhad, Gayle Dickson & John Burnham, Zita Zarug, Arpad Harkanyi, Ernest Markwood, Charlie Walker, Mirjam, Kieran Rowley and Natasha von Memerty, Rob Lutter.

List of trip names: Honeymoon Around The World, Cycling The World, The Cycle Diaries, Solidream, Around the world since 2009, World Biking, the blazing saddles, Cycling The Globe, Africa Cycle, Beyondthewall, OneBikeOneWorld, Going Slowly, Live and Cycle through Europe, The Hungry Cyclist – Americas, 350South, Americas Trip, Saddle Sore 2013, Gone Riding, Second round the world trip, Cycling to the Ashes, GlobeBent2011, Round the World by Bike, First Woman World Cycle, World On Wheels, Cycling Doctors- South America 2013, Transasia – from Germany to India, Cycling To Mongolia, Bike to the Future, Sloths on Wheels, Cycling The Six, Robsbikeride, Downhill from here, Two Blind to Ride, the Americas PanAm 2008 – 2011, Wander Cyclist, Marcovelo Op de fiets Marco Polo achterna, Cycling the Silk Road, 1 life 2 wheels, Take On The Americas, Around the world, Rog & dee cycle round the world, World Cycling Tour,, Global Guitar, Rolling Tales, Vague Direction, Shane Cycles Africa and more, Pete and Ian Hit the Road, All over US Tour 2012, London to Cape Town for Malaria Consortium, Soulcycler world tour 2005-2008, 14 Degrees Off The Beaten Track, Crazy Laowai, En Vélo Cycle to China, The Wind in my Wheels around the world by bicycle, Korea to Cape Town, Andes by Bike, Cycling Silk, Ozzi/Kiwi 2003/2004, Ireland to Nepal (maybe to NZ), The CommonwealthChallenge, Tra-velo-gue, Cycling Home From Siberia, The LifeCycle, Better Life Cycle, Long Ride Home, The Big Africa Cycle Africa, Beyond by Bicycle, first round the world trip, Sherlock Tales, youjustpedal, World Cycle 2012, The Man Who Cycled The World, America Bycycle: TransAmazing!, America ByCycle: Coast Protocol, Indian subcontinent 1990/91, The Geography of Youth, Computing Across America, Alleykat Adventure 2012-2014, Take On Africa.

What does the LDCJ look like?

Here are a few images from the Long Distance Cycle Journeys database:

Long Distance Cycle Journeys (LDCJ)

LDCJ - Total Cost LDCJ - Cheapest & Expensive LDCJ - Average Monthly Cost LDCJ - Gears LDCJ - Handlebars LDCJ - Luggage LDCJ - Size Wheels LDCJ - Types Bike LDCJ - Brakes

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