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The Iconic Adventure Guide

Seven detailed expedition guides in one book.

Iconic Adventures

Learn how to Row an Ocean, Cross a Desert, Cycle Around the World, Climb an Unclimbed Mountain, Get to the North Pole and more.

With a foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and contributions from more than 50 other top explorers.

“The perfect resource” – Bear Grylls


Now an Amazon Bestseller!

How To Cycle Around The World

The beginner’s guide to tackling the world on a bike.

How To Cycle Around The World

Everything you need to know about cycling around the world. Based on:

  • 18 months’ research.
  • 13,000 miles cycled around the world.
  • 10 years experience in the expedition industry.
  • Detailed quantitative data from 229 long-distance cyclists.
  • The book ‘How to Get to the North Pole: and Other Iconic Adventures’.

How To Cross A Desert

Everything there is to know about modern desert expeditions.

How To Cross A Desert

The only practical guide to actually completing a desert expedition in modern times.

How much water do you need to drink to survive? Where do you buy a camel from? How hot do deserts get and are they really cold at night?

With The Sun On Our Right

Tim & Laura Moss’ account of cycling 13,000 miles around the world.

With The Sun On Our Right

Tim and Laura Moss spent 16 months cycling through 27 different countries around the world.

They pedalled at -15 through an Iranian winter and +40 in Arabia. They stayed with a Greek monk and Thai Bhuddists, at an Orthodox nunnery and inside Turkish mosques. They crashed at high speed, broke their bikes in the mountains, cycled through an Iranian nuclear facility and got chased by airport security.

Coming soon in 2015

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