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How to Get to the North Pole:

and Other Iconic Adventures

How To Get To The North Pole: and Other Iconic Adventures

“Written by seasoned adventurer Tim Moss, and with input from over 50 different explorers, this book takes you through the details of seven great challenges. If you’re rowing an ocean where do you sleep at night? How do you go to the loo at sea? If you’re cycling round the world precisely what difficulties will you face and how will you overcome them? From armchair adventurer to those simply looking for practical advice, this book is aimed at anyone who’s ever dreamed of doing something BIG!”

100% 5-star user ratings on Amazon

100% 5-stars reviews on Amazon

“An excellent book” – Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“The perfect resource” – Bear Grylls

“The bible for adventure travelers” – Outdoor Minded Magazine

Top 10 Bestseller on Amazon’s Discovery & Exploration


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A foreword written by Ran Fiennes

Contributions from over 50 different explorers

‘Day in the Life’ stories from the people who have been there and done it

All options explored from easy to hard, low-budget to all-encompassing, and traditional to alternative

Case studies, background and stories to set each adventure in context

Equipment explained, dangers explored and first steps laid out


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The following excerpts from the book are available online.

Advice for Climbing at Altitude

Advice for Climbing at Altitude

10 Tips for a North Pole Expedition

10 Tips for a North Pole Expedition

Where is the North Pole?

Where is the North Pole?

How Much to Drink in a Desert

How Much Water Should You Drink in a Desert?

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Carts for Desert Expeditions

Carts for Crossing Deserts

Define: Cycling Around the World?

What Constitutes Cycling Around the World?

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Select an image below to read more about any given chapter from the book. They will soon each be downloadable as individual e-books.

How to Cross a Desert

How To Cross A Desert (Illustration:

How to Get to the South Pole

How To Get To The South Pole (Illustration:

How to Row an Ocean

How to Sail the Seven Seas

How To Sail The Seven Seas (Illustration:

How to Climb an Unclimbed Mountain

How To Climb An Unclimbed Mountain (Illustration:

Illustrations by Jim Shannon

How to Cycle Around the World

How to Get to the North Pole

How To Get To The North Pole (Illustration:

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“An excellent book” – Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“Highly recommended” – Adventure Travel Magazine

“Tim clearly knows his stuff” – Sidetracked Magazine

“The bible for polar planning” – Conrad Dickinson, Polar Explorer

“Want to know how to row an ocean? Read this. ” – Roz Savage, Ocean Rower

“The perfect resource for plotting your big adventure!” – Bear Grylls

 “An excellent concept done very well” – Stevie Smith, Adventurer

“Both informative and entertaining” – Jason Lewis, Adventurer

 “It’s my current loo reading” – Alastair Humphreys, Adventurer

“Put simply, this is the only manual you’ll ever need to do outdoor expeditions around the world. You’ll learn every detail from gear, to maps, to preferred seasons, to difficulty, to costs and the list goes on. One could call it the Bible for outdoor adventur travelers and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.” – Outdoor Minded Magazine (Read full review)

“Having completed all the way expeditions to both the North and South Poles and led several North Pole expeditions I wish a book such as this had been around when I began my first polar Venture.” – Ann Daniels, Polar Explorer

“The very readable How To Get To The North Pole… And Other Iconic Adventures claims it’s for both armchair adventurers and  people dreaming of doing something really big, and I’d say it’s interesting for those somewhere in the middle (like me) too. It’s written in very user-friendly terms with no jargon. Great to dip in and out of or read in one go. There are also tales from people who’ve completed the expeditions, and advice from everyone from well-known adventurers like Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Alan Hinkes and Mick Fowler to people who follow the author on Twitter. Highly recommended – and even if you weren’t planning a big trip, this will get you thinking that one day you just might.” – Adventure Travel Magazine

“…a guide that provides detailed analysis, review and requirements for some of the great expedition challenges… far from just a reference book. This is a practical manual combining vital facts, useful hints and tips interlaced with stories and diary extracts and, as a result, is an inspiring read…. Tim clearly knows his stuff… This book makes you think. And it gives you seriously itchy feet. If you are remotely interested in undertaking an expedition of a grand or smaller scale then this book is well worth a read.” – Sidetracked Magazine (Read full review)

“You have done an ENORMOUS amount of work on the book. I take my hat off to you. People want and need adventure in there lives and you have provided a fantastic template to blow away the mystique. I will have no hesitation in recommending it as the bible for polar planning.” – Conrad Dickinson, Polar Explorer

“I know some of you with an interest in natural navigation will also be considering some seriously big journeys too and so there is a new book I can recommend for that end of the scale, Tim Moss’ ‘How to Get to the North Pole‘. It’s great, full of practical tips for taking on some of the monster challenges out there.” – Tristan Gooley, The Natural Navigator

“I have never come across a book like this and I love the concept. It brings to life each adventure as an actual possibility.” – Fiona Russel, Outdoors Blogger (Read full review) “I’m unlikely to undertake any of these adventures, but if I did then I’d use this book to prepare … it’s not a dry reference book; it’s got some real life accounts of expeditions which are compelling and quite gripping, and is very well laid out and illustrated which makes it an enjoyable and easy read.” – Amazon reviewer (See all Amazon reviews)

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How to Get to the North Pole

and Other Iconic Adventures

How To Get To The North Pole: and Other Iconic Adventures

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Publisher: How To Books Ltd | ISBN: 1845284909 | Pages: 304 | Paperback