How To Get To The North Pole

The North Pole Handbook


How To Get To The North Pole

18 months’ research

10 years experience in the expedition industry

“The bible for polar planning” – Conrad Dickinson, Polar Explorer

“The perfect resource” – Bear Grylls

Updated and re-formatted from the paperback:

How to Get to the North Pole and Other Iconic Adventures

Sitting at the top of the globe, ever moving on a platform of frozen ocean, the North Pole is one of earth’s great adventure destinations.

Originally reached by dog sled.

Now attainable by mere pleasure flight

But still possible by foot and ski…

In The Book


Where do you sleep in the Arctic?

What do you eat and drink?

Where do you go to the loo?

How do you know where to go?

How much does it cost?

All about the North Pole

Where is the North Pole?

The Geographic, Magnetic, Geomagnetic and Arctic North Pole

North Pole Marathon

Last Degree North Pole Expeditions

Full Distance Expeditions from the coast

Dealing with Difficulties

How to avoid falling through the ice

What do when faced with open water

Dealing with the extreme cold

Protection from polar bears

Managing moisture


A raft of the best known and toughest explorers out there including Børge Ousland, Pen Hadow, Jim McNeil, Alex Hibbert, Matty McNair, Erling Kagge and Ann Daniels.

With a ‘Day in the Life’ account from polar veteran Sarah McNair-Landry of what it’s actually like out on the ice.

How To Get To The North Pole


How To Get To The North Pole

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How To Get To The North Pole
How To Get To The South Pole

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