I’m always keen to hear people’s plans and happy to help where possible.

Before emailing, please check for an answer below:

  • Sponsorship / expedition advice: please have a quick look at my Resources (including Sponsorship) first. I cannot give you money but you can apply for my grant.
  • eBooks: ebooks are automatically sent to the email address used during checkout. If yours hasn’t arrived then let me know and I’ll send a copy manually.
  • Guest blogs: I get loads of guest posts from my grant so very rarely accept these. Sorry!
  • Sponsored posts: I never accept any form of paid content or sponsored articles so please don’t email me about this.

Finally, I do this stuff around a family and full-time job so am not always good at responding quickly. If you need a quick response, just send a polite reminder.

I don’t accept paid content or sponsored links

Email: tim [at]

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