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How To Row An Ocean EBOOK


How To Row An Ocean

The only ocean rowing guide book.

“The perfect resource” – Bear Grylls

“An excellent book” – Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Click here to download your copy now ➜


The Ocean Rowing Society International

Wonderful set of statistics documenting every ocean row that’s taken place. Lots of old archive material too as well as second hand boats.

Angus Adventure Handbook

Very good overview explaining the basics of ocean rowing. Includes converting a sailing boat for rowing and cheap DIY short-distance rowing kits.

How to Row an Ocean Guide Book

Newly published as an ebook in April 2015, I believe this is the only guidebook available to tell you everything you need to know about planning an ocean rowing expedition.

Ocean Rowers Association

Margaret Bowling’s Ocean Rowing Budget Template

Buying an Ocean Rowing Boat

No one stocks ready-built ocean rowing boats. You generally have to commission one to be built for you, either from a template or customised to your requirements. Current ocean rowing boat builders include:

(N.B. Woodvale no longer exists, their Atlantic event is now run by Atlantic Campaigns and Simon Chalk from the company has set up Oceanus. Similarly, Jamie Fabrizio’s Global Boat Works doesn’t seem to be around any longer).

Another common option is to buy second hand ocean rowing boats or even hire a boat. The following sites have listings:

Alternatively, you can get your hands on a design and/or kit to build one yourself:

  • Association of Ocean Rowers – this website used to have plans for self-building but longer does.
  • Woodvale – they used to offer entire flat-pack kits but sadly no longer exist.
  • Angus Rowboats – For shorter journeys.


A Dip in the Ocean

I was Logistics Manager on Sarah’s second expedition…

Pedalling to Hawaii

Pedal boat rather than rowing but a fantastic story…

Daring the Sea

The first men to row the Atlantic…

Rowing the Atlantic

Roz has since also rowed the Pacific and Indian oceans…

Ocean Rowers and Bloggers

There are, obviously, many people who have rowed oceans. In fact, you can see the whole list here. But below are a few who are currently active and/or maintain blogs that you might like to follow:

  • Roz Savage – Rowed across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans
  • Sarah Outen – First woman to row the Indian. About to row the North Pacific then Atlantic.
  • Chris Martin – Rowed the Pacific ocean with Mick Dawson. Now runs regular talks in London. (For more similar talks, check out Explorers Connect).
  • Erden Eruc – Already rowed all three major oceans but is still going with the aim of climbing some big mountains.
  • Colin Angus – Rowed the Atlantic, the Bering Straits on a converted sailboat, and set a record around Vancouver Island

You could also check out: Olly HicksMargaret BowlingJason Lewis and Rachel Smith.

Ocean Rowing Races and Events

Rowing races tend to vary year on year but here are a couple of current events. Know of another one? Let me know.


How To Row An Ocean

How To Row An Ocean

The only ocean rowing guide book.

“The perfect resource” – Bear Grylls

“An excellent book” – Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Click here to get your copy ➜

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