How To Get To The South Pole

The South Pole Handbook


How To Get To The South Pole

18 months’ research

10 years experience in the expedition industry

“The bible for polar planning” – Conrad Dickinson, Polar Explorer

“The perfect resource” – Bear Grylls

Updated and re-formatted from the paperback:

How to Get to the North Pole and Other Iconic Adventures

The South Pole was a highly sought prize for many years. Although now easily reached by plane, Antarctica is still a great stomping ground for the adventurer.

From entering the annual race to a week spent skiing the last degree or months of sled hauling in an old-fashioned slog from the coast, there are many different ways to reach the iconic red-and-white striped pole that marks the bottom of the world.

In The Book


Where do you sleep at night?

What do you eat and drink?

Where do you go to the toilet?

How do you know where to go?

How long do you actually spend skiing?

How long will it take?

What happens if things go wrong?

Routes & Styles

Ski the Last Degree

From the technical coast or the real one

Antarctic traverses and return journeys

With or without re-supply

Flying and sailing to Antarctica

Entering a race and driving to the South Pole

On foot, with snow shoes, using skis or by kite

Dealing with Difficulties

Katabatic winds

Extreme low temperatures

24-hour sun light

Thin air from the altitude

Avoiding crevasses

Struggling over sastrugi

The desolation and isolation of a bleak continent


Day in the Life

Felicity Aston MBE, the first person to ski across Antarctica alone under her own steam, shares an account of what it’s really like down south.

Expert advice from a polar explorers

Advice from experienced Antarctic adventurers including: Robert Swan, Hannah McKeand, Mike Thornewill, Conrad Dickinson, Erling Kagge, Børge Ousland, Helen Turton, Antony Jinman and Fiona Thornewill.

How To Get To The South Pole


How To Get To The South Pole

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