How To Cross A Desert

The Desert Expedition Handbook


How To Cross A Desert

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Based on the book:

How to Get to the North Pole and Other Iconic Adventures

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Deserts, for most of us, are on the one hand intriguing and exotic, and on the other hand barren and foreboding. Remember, however, that both animals and people have lived in these environments for thousands of years. They are still harsh places in which to exist but even if you don’t capitalise on the modern proliferation of four-wheel-drive vehicles, it is quite possible to traverse even the largest of deserts on foot, with camel support or even towing a cart loaded with water.

In The Book


Where do you sleep?

What do you eat and drink?

Where do you go to the loo?

How long do you actually spend walking?

How do you know where to go?

When to go

What happens if things go wrong?

Dealing with Difficulties

How much water do you need to drink?

What minerals should you replace to avoid dehydration?

How do you manage water loss?

How do you avoid hyper-hydration?

How best to protect yourself from the sun

How to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke

What to do in a sand storm

Dealing with spiders, snakes and scorpions

Coping with the cold nights

All About Deserts

What’s the definition of a desert?

What are the different types of desert

Data on the major deserts of the world

The forgotten deserts of Europe

Advice for driving on sand

Practical steps on how you actually buy a camel

Unique round-up of the desert carts


Expert advice from a raft of desert explorers.

Including Sam McConnell, Louis Philippe-Loncke, Mikael Strandberg, Helen Thayer, Jeremy Curl, Mark Evans, Lucas Trihey, Michael Asher, Julian Monroe Fisher, Ripley Davenport and Benedict Allen.

A Day in the Life

And veteran desert traveller Charles Foster gives a first hand account of what it’s really like in the desert in his ‘Day in the Life’ account.

How To Cross A Desert


How To Cross A Desert

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