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The Database of Long Distance Cycle Journeys

The largest cycle touring data set in the world.

A record of every bicycle tour over 10,000km (6,000 miles). That’s the LDCJ’s aim.

Long Distance Cycle Journeys (LDCJ)

  • Longest journeys – 4 months to 16 years.
  • Fastest cyclists – 5,000km a month to 200km.
  • Cheapest trips – £840 total and 3 pence per mile.
  • Demographics – nationalities, men vs women, groups vs solo.
  • Equipment used – wheel size, brake types, tourers vs mountain bikes.

And more from over 175 cyclists, 250 years on the road and 3 million kilometres travelled.

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How to Live More Adventurously

A collection of articles I’ve written to help you get inspired and live a little more adventurously.

STORIES: Tales of adventure from my various expeditions

My Favourite Stories

My Subtle Epiphany*

That contrasting feeling of simultaneous inspiration and frustration with the world.

Adventure, If You Believe It

If TV gives the impression that expeditions are for the elite only then think again.

You Are Not Home Yet

The expedition may be winding down but it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Mountains and Molehills*

A simple bike ride through Richmond Park becomes a race to the death.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

My bicycle rickshaw and I take on the world.

When Again Will I Eat Houmous at Midnight?

Reminiscing about the horrible, wonderful things that you do on expedition.

I Feel At Home In Traffic*

An attempt to express who I am and where I feel at ease.

If Not With Words

Why I ran the length of every London Underground train line.

This One’s For You

A poem of thanks to all who have read this website and helped me on my way.

Accounts from my Adventures

Dude, Where’s My Tent?

I pitched my tent on a deserted island beach, drove off then came back at night…

A Sunny Summer Sunday

A British day out, swimming in the River Thames.

What It’s Like

Fighting against heat, nausea and perpetual wind on the Patagonian steppe.

Day One in the Desert

My first foray ends with digging my car out of the sand using Tupperware.

Cycling Around Masirah Island on Christmas Day

A unique Xmas pedalling 90-miles around a desert island in the Gulf.

How to Have an Adventure for £100

With finances at an all-time low, I set  out to have an adventure on a budget.

An Introduction to Arctic Exploration

Skiing touring in Svalbard at -20C. Published in Adventure Travel Magazine.

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GUEST BLOGS : Articles written for The Next Challenge by other people

Guest Authors

Angry Young Man – Julian Sayarer
Swimming: The Next Step in Adventure – Dan Martin
Adventure from the Front Door – James Bowthorpe
Asi Es La Vida – Andy Ruck (excerpt from the book)
Do It For Yourself (but not on your own) – Julie Abrams-Humphries
Long Summer Days – Rob Cousins
Life in the Fast Lane – Alastair Humphreys
How to Have an Adventure Every Day – Laura Tomlinson
Frequently Used Excuse: I Have No Money – Lee Hughes
Planning a River Expedition – Mark Kalch
Something a Little Unknown – Francis Charlesworth
My Next Challenge: Walking to Work – Ewan Laurie
The Land of the Midnight Sun – Lucy Bound
A Little Adventure – Ben Wade

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