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Taking the cold water plunge (Photo: David Tett)

I am a big advocate of swimming outdoors. It doesn’t have to be sporty or in a wetsuit, just jumping in is what matters. I think it’s fun and good for you.

I have done a couple of swimming challenges, up to a few miles at a time, but I’m not a strong swimmer and started almost from scratch not that long ago, unable to do more than a single length of front crawl a couple of years ago.

Below are some articles, resources and links for swimming, particularly of the wild variety.

Getting Started

Next Challenge Swimming Projects

Swimming Advice

Bimmah Sink Hole, Outdoor Wild Swimming Oman

Swimming Articles

The London to Isle-of-Wight triathlon (Photo: David Tett)

Swimming Resources

Swimming People and Blogs

Swimming in Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman


Thames Swimming Video

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