How To Cycle Around The World


How To Cycle Around The World

18 months’ research

13,000 miles cycled around the world

10 years experience in the expedition industry

Plus quantitative data from 227 long-distance cyclists

Updated and re-formatted from the paperback:

How to Get to the North Pole and Other Iconic Adventures

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Picture setting off from your front door, fresh-faced on a shiny new bike laden with still-labelled equipment. Now imagine returning several years later with wiry legs, filthy clothes, a sorry excuse for a bicycle and a book-load of stories to tell at the pub.

Cycling around the world is a wonderfully simple adventure.

It requires little skill, training or money yet holds huge potential for an adventure.

And it will last as long as you are willing to keep turning the pedals…

In The Book


Where do you sleep?

How long do you actually spend cycling?

How do you know where to go?

How long will it take?

When to go

What happens if things go wrong?

Routes & Styles

Touring with a company

Going for the world record

Independent exploration

Aimless adventure

And what actually constitutes cycling around the world?


Cycling all day and up big hills

Suffering from saddle soreness

Dealing with flat tyres

Falling off your bike

Obtaining visas

Transporting your bike

Day in the Life

Veteran cycle tourist Alastair Humphreys shares his account of a life in the day of a long-distance cyclists


Advice from round-the-world record breakers Mark Beaumont, James Bowthorpe and Julian Sayarer. With filming advice from Tom Allen, maker of the Janapar movie.

Unique and detailed data taken from the 200+ cyclists registered at the Database of Long Distance Cycle Journeys.

How To Cycle Around The World


How To Cycle Around The World

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