With the Sun on Our Right

The people we met while cycling the world

With the Sun on Our Right

Tim and Laura Moss quit their jobs to cycle 13,000 miles around the world.

Riding across deserts, over mountains and through jungles, they braved climatic extremes from sub-zero blizzards to the sweltering tropics.

But this is not a book about cycling.

It is a book about the world and its people.

On their travels, Tim and Laura met a fascinating array of people and were repeatedly overwhelmed by the hospitality they received. From Turkey to Thailand and Oman to Japan, complete strangers invited these two grubby cyclists into their homes at the drop of a hat, offering the pair a unique and privileged insight into the lives of people from all walks of life.

Follow Tim and Laura around the world as they meet a gun toting sheriff on the Mexican border, a Taksim Square protester who makes a mean kebab and the Albanians who say yes when they really mean no. Join them as they stay with Buddhist monks, Georgian nuns, Turkish imams and Southern Baptists. And come along for the ride as they see behind the sanctions in Iran, hear about life after Hurricane Rita and experience hospitality even in the wake of violence and despair.

In a world filled with negative headlines and countries turning in on themselves, this life affirming story is a timely reminder of the common humanity that links people the world over.

Cycling Around Lake Taupo, New Zealand

13,000 Miles on the Clock

Tim Moss - Cycling Around the World

Cycling in Mojave Desert

Cycling in India - Bike vs Camel

Cycling in South Korea

Reviewer Testimonials

An absolutely stunning read. With so much negativity in the media it was a joy to read about your journey and experiences. Thoroughly recommended read”

Kevin Cobane, @Kev46

Broad appeal for both cycling enthusiasts and non-cyclists, who would enjoy reading a ‘people-centred’ account of a round the world trip.”

– Suzanne H

I’ve just finished your book and I LOVED it!”

– Ann Wilson

Blown away by the quality of the book. Tim has a real way with words.”

– Anna C

An absolute pleasure to read.”

– Jon B

I can honestly say it’s the best read I’ve had in a long while.”

– Sharon T

With the Sun on Our Right

The people we met while cycling the world

With the Sun on Our Right

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