How To Climb An Unclimbed Mountain


How To Climb An Unclimbed Mountain

18 months’ research

10 years experience in the expedition industry

3 expeditions by the author to the Greater Ranges

Used by the BBC and British Mountaineering Council

Based on the book:

How to Get to the North Pole and Other Iconic Adventures

Even in the 21st century, the world abounds with unclimbed mountains just waiting to be discovered.

Some require technical climbing skills.

Plenty are simply off the beaten track.

First ascents are a realistic challenge for the well prepared amateur…

In The Book


How to find unclimbed mountains

How do you know if they’re really unclimbed?

How long will it take?

When to go

What happens if things go wrong?

Types of Unclimbed Mountains

Remote mountains off the beaten track

Neglected mountains with more attractive neighbours

Mountain ranges with a political back story

Bureaucratic and holy mountains

First national or winter ascents

Dealing with Difficulties

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Falling snow, rock and ice, and crevasses

Getting caught out in bad weather

Getting carried away with ‘summit fever’

Getting permission to climb



A phenomenal list of contributors including Sir Chris Bonnington, Leo Holding, Simon Yates and Mick Fowler

With a ‘Day in the Life’ account from legendary climber Andy Kirkpatrick of what it’s actually like on the mountainside.


How To Climb An Unclimbed Mountain


How To Climb An Unclimbed Mountain

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