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Running is my favourite sport. I have done it for years and used to be able to go out for hours at a time without training, which I considered to be a real privilege. Now I’m a little older and have a busier job, it takes effort to keep up my running strength.

My preference is for longer, slower runs, ideally in the hills, sometimes with a small pack, although I do enjoy a good shuttle session too and I’ve occasionally gone barefoot.

Below are some of the running challenges I’ve completed, articles I’ve written and links which might be useful.

Tim’s Running Projects

  • Running the Tube – The length of every London Underground train line. Up to 45 miles at a time, exploring our capital. Part of the Greater London Triathlon.
  • Everest Run – Running up 5,000 flights of stairs to the height of Mount Everest at the Royal Geographical Society.
  • The Mile – For a while I had the idea of trying to run a fast mile.
  • Running to the Ocean – Nowhere in the UK is further than 70 miles from the sea. I ran from my London flat towards the ocean…


Running Articles

Tube Running Articles

In 2010, I ran from the beginning to end of every London Underground train line with my girlfriend at the time (now wife), Laura. Here are some pieces I wrote about it:

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Running Links

Running the Tube Video

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