Guidance for Grant Winners

Congratulations on winning a Next Challenge Grant. There is some guidance below on what you can expect and what’s required of you.

Basic requirements

If you accept the grant money then the only things I ask are:

  1. Write a blog post for this website
  2. Send me some photos that I can use
  3. Help promote the grant in future (e.g. tell your friends, plug on social media and/or include a link to The Next Challenge Grant page on your website, if you have one)

Geting the money

  • Let me know when you need the money (e.g. a month before your trip or when you need to pay for something upfront)
  • Money can be sent to UK bank accounts in pounds sterling (GBP) or to a PayPal account in any currency
  • Bank accounts: send me your bank account number, sort code and the name of your bank
  • PayPal: send me the email address for your account and the currency you would like (there is sometimes a small fee for conversion which will be subtracted from your award)

Getting kit

  • If you’ve been offered any sponsored equipment as part of your grant then you should liaise directly with whoever is offering it.
  • If you have any problems getting the sponsored equipment then let me know.
  • If you are borrowing any kit from me, I will pay the postage to you and you will need to pay for return postage (you can use money from the grant if you like).
  • Please return any kit by recorded delivery.

Writing your blog post

  • Should be written within one month of your return
  • Must be original (i.e. not already posted elsewhere)
  • 500 – 1,000 words
  • Format: Word document, Google Doc or text in an email
  • Please include a sentence to say ‘thank you’ to those that donated to the grant (I’ll email it to them when I upload your blog)

Sending photos

  • Please send 5-10 photos
  • Attach them separately to an email (rather than embedding them in a document)
  • Please include plenty of pictures of yourself – don’t be shy! – supporters like to see the people behind the challenges
  • If you want the photos positioned in particular places in your article, just reference the file within the text of your piece (e.g. “Then we arrived at the campsite [insert photo_1.jpg here]”)
  • If you are into photo editing then please send as JPEGs, at a width of 815 pixels, at 95% compression or lower
  • Ideally, name the files ‘firstname-surname-trip-description-1.jpg’ (e.g. ‘elise-downing-running-coast-4.jpg’)


  • If you have a video you would like to include then just send me the link to it on YouTube/Vimeo. Please don’t send me the original file.
  • If you have footage that you would like made into a film for you, EpicMakers – Next Challenge Discount offer all grant winners a 30% discount. (You can see the video they made for me here).

If your plans change

  • Let me know if your idea or dates change.
  • Expeditions are complicated and so is life. I understand that plans may change. That’s OK but please let me know as soon as possible.

If you cancel your trip

  • If you cancel your trip before departure then let me know as soon as possible. If you’ve already received the money then you will need to send it back so I can fund someone else’s adventure next year.
  • If your trip is cut short for whatever reason then just let me know when you’re back home and safe.

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