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Everyday Adventures

What defines an adventure? Is it swimming an ocean, walking across a continent, cycling through inhospitable mountain passes? Or can it be at the mundane level of the everyday?

Each month of 2010 saw these pages bring a new idea for an Everyday Adventure. But it doesn’t matter what year it is now, just have a browse…

You won’t have to climb a mountain or even break a sweat (unless you want to). There will be no need to take time off work, leave your friends/family/life behind or “train”. Bravery is not a prerequisite and expertise are not required.

Au contraire! These are adventures that you can fit into your lunch break, squeeze out of your commute or manage on the weekend. These are adventures for everyone and the everyday.

Monthly Adventure Ideas

An idea for each month of 2010 (save for April and May when I was away on my rickshaw):

If you take part in an Everyday Adventure or have an idea for a new one then let me know in the comments box at the bottom of any post, chat on my Facebook page or just email me.