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‘How To’ Guides

How To Communicate on Expedition

I have written a few expedition-related ‘How To’ articles. Two of them, below, formed the basis of my first book which is being published this April 2012.


How To: Climb Mount Everest

How To: Run an Ultra-Marathon

How To: Use Supermarket Food for Sports Nutrition

How To: Communicate on from the Field on Expedition

How To: Set Up an Expedition Website and Blog

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My book – How To Get To The North Pole And Other Iconic Adventures – is a collection of seven guides to different expeditions. The chapters are far more detailed and researched than the short articles that appear on this website.

The book will be available in hard copy from the shops but you will also be able to buy individual chapters as cheaper ebooks. The chapter list is as follows:

  1. How To Cross A Desert
  2. How To Get To The North Pole (read early article)
  3. How To Row An Ocean
  4. How To Cycle Around The World
  5. How To Get To The South Pole
  6. How To Sail The Seven Seas
  7. How To Climb An Unclimbed Mountain (read early article)

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