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Which service do you require?


  • Have the urge to do something but aren’t sure what?
  • Got an idea but don’t know where to start?
  • Struggling with fundraising, motivation or planning?

Need a little help…?

I’ve helped quite a lot of people over the last eight years. I like hearing about other peoples’ plans and I enjoy helping where I can.

If there’s anything you need a hand with, however big or small, whether it feels mundane or far-fetched, get in touch.

Cost – Free

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How can I help?


  • Got an idea but don’t know whether it’s possible?
  • Wondering who’s done it before, where and when?
  • Or drawing a blank and in need of inspiration?

Get a Tailored Resource Pack

I will use my personal experience and contacts to produce an in-depth report filled with ideas and tips, recommended books and websites, expert contacts and practical suggestions.

The product is entirely bespoke and I don’t know of anyone else offering this kind of service.

Cost – £150

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What would you like researched?


  • Manage all of your expedition’s operations
  • Draft emergency, evacuation and communications procedures
  • Provide UK emergency support and manage your website while you’re away

I can support your expedition

I’ve worked on expeditions skiing to the South Pole and rowing across the Pacific, climbing in the Himalayas and trekking through the Amazon.

I will manage the organisation of an entire expedition, help out with specific areas or simply provide UK support whilst you’re in the field.

Cost – Bespoke

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What support do you need?


I have produced a guide for creating an Expedition Blog which you can read for free. If that doesn’t work for then I can produce one for you.

I built this website myself and you can view another sample here.

Cost – from £250

What would you like a website for?


I can produce the following documents for your expedition:

  • Sponsorship Proposals – £150
  • Press Releases – £50
  • Critique of your own documents – £20
Cost – £20 – £150

What documents would you like?

UK Support

It can be helpful to have someone based in the UK whilst you are away on expedition.

I can maintain and update your website during your absence, act as a point-of-contact and be on call for emergencies.

Cost – Bespoke

What do you need support for?

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