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  • Have the urge to do something but aren’t sure what?
  • Got an idea but don’t know where to start?
  • Struggling with fundraising, motivation or planning?

Email me for help

I’ve helped hundreds of people over the last decade. I like hearing about other peoples’ plans and I enjoy helping where I can.

If there’s anything you need a hand with, however big or small, whether it feels mundane or far-fetched, get in touch.

Cost – Free

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  • Need help managing the logistics for your expedition?
  • Like someone to run your website and provide UK support while you’re away?
  • Want to get daily weather reports sent to your satphone at basecamp?

I can support your expedition

I’ve worked on expeditions skiing to the South Pole and rowing across the Pacific, climbing in the Himalayas and trekking the Amazon.

I can manage your entire expedition, help out with specific areas or simply provide UK support whilst you’re in the field.

Cost – Bespoke

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Web Design

  • Bespoke expedition websites and adventure blogs
  • Fully integrated with Twitter, Facebook and more to track your adventure.
  • Manage yourself or have me update and monitor it while you’re in the field.

I can build your website

I have produced a guide for creating your own Expedition Blog which you can read for free online.

If that doesn’t work for then I can design one for you. I can teach you to update it yourself or manage the whole thing for you.

Cost – £250+

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Alternatively, take a look at my large collection of online expedition resources >>

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