The Adventurer’s Blogging Chain

The Adventurer’s Blogging Chain was started by five like-minded people who each enjoy undertaking the occasional adventure and writing about it.

We take it in turns to write articles for one another in a take-one-and-pass-it-on system. The founding members and their articles are listed below. To keep abreast just check our blogs and Twitter accounts for the latest links.

We’ll soon be opening the net wider so please get in touch if you’d like to join in.

Founding Members

Dan Martin (@DanielMartinAdv)

Dave Cornthwaite (@DaveCorn)

Sarah Outen (@SarahOuten)

Mark Kalch (@MarkKalch)

Tim Moss (@NextChallenge)


Articles in the Adventurer’s Blogging Chain

Tim Moss on Community

What’s Next? by Dave Cornthwaite

Adventurer’s and the X-Factor by Mark Kalch

Team Work by Sarah Outen

Swimming: The Next Step in Adventure by Dan Martin

Adios Comfort Zone by Dave Cornthwaite

Survival Stories by Sarah Outen

Yesterday Was Easy by Mark Kalch

The Death of Community vs The Kindness of Strangers by Dan Martin

A New Year’s Message from Dave Cornthwaite

Why Do Things the Hard Way? by Tim Moss

We Are Incredible by Dan Martin

Planning a River Expedition by Mark Kalch

Adventures Great and Small by Tim Moss

Maybe Now Is The Right Time by Sarah Outen


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