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Dragging tyres through the snow in Hyde Park - Dorothy Tomalin

I write most articles on this website with an eye to motivating people in some way but a few articles in particular are designed to encourage you to grab a hold of life, get outside and live a little more adventurously. Here they are:


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Consider This Your Excuse

Sometimes you need a clever explanation to motivate you. Sometimes you don’t.

Freedom (Or: Why cycling to work will solve all of your problems)

Simple steps to make your world feel a better place.

Feeding the Rat

An attempt to grasp that feeling of wanderlust.

How to Have an Adventure Every Day

Advice for squeezing adventure around a day job. By Laura Tomlinson (now Laura Moss, my wife).

One Small Piece of Advice (Start Running)

Is an old fashioned kick up the arse sometimes the best method?

Life in the Fast Lane

The satisfaction of doing something well and the restorative energy of time spent in nature. By Alastair Humphreys.

18 Great Things that Happened on my Cycle to Work this Morning

Some appreciation for the little pleasures in life.

Cross the Street and Walk on the Other Side

What could you get from a slight change in perspective?

Say ‘No!’ to Negativity

A four part series: Empirical Reasons to Smile More, It Ain’t All Bad,  Weird is Wonderful and Whistle Yourself Happy.

Training for Life

You don’t need an event to train for, you can just train for life.

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I also write a few more creative pieces. They may not explicitly be motivational but they may help.

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