Have I been at all helpful?

I receive hundreds of emails asking for help and, so far, have replied to every single one. I enjoy hearing from people and like helping where I can.

It would be great if you had a quick look at how might be able to help me in return.

Five Ways You Can Help

1. Spread the Word

Mention me on Twitter, Facebook, your blog or expedition report.

2. Use My Affiliate Links

If you’re buying kit for your trip then you might consider looking at my affiliate links (it doesn’t cost you anything).

See Affiliate Links >>

3. Plug My Kit Reviews

I’m trying to get my equipment articles to the top of Google. You could help by sharing them with your friends or on social media.

See Kit Reviews >>

4. Donate to My Expedition Grant

In 2015, I’m starting a small annual grant for aspiring adventurers. It’s funded by the small amount of money I make from this website.

Any money you give will be passed on directly to the winner and increase their grant. Read more here or contact me if you want to know more first.

Donate to Expedition Grant >>

5. Let me know how you get on

A quick email saying “I made it!” is easily the most rewarding thing about running this site.

Even if you don’t make it / can’t get the money / change your mind… just let me know. Nothing’s worse than never hearing back from someone (which sadly happens quite a lot).

Email me!

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