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I have worked with many different expeditions over the last eight years. A few are listed below. Some of them have been kind enough to say nice things about my work.

You can see more expeditions including all of my own ones in my Portfolio. If you’d like help with your own expedition then take a look at my Services or get in touch.

Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition

The Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition saw an international team of women from eight different Commonwealth countries ski 900 kilometres across Antarctica to the Geographic South Pole in 2009.

The majority of the team started with no expedition experience. I provided their UK Support.

Visit the Commonwealth Expedition’s website

“Energetic, enthusiastic, efficient, enterprising… Tim is the man for the job! I have worked with him on many and varied logistics for expeditions around the world and he always ensures everything is organised to a high standard.”

– Helen Turton, Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition

“During the Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition it was vital that we had someone back home who was able to keep the lines of communication between the team and the rest of the world running smoothly as well as dealing with any problems that arose.

Tim became a lifeline for us on the ice. He dealt with every request we threw at him efficiently and confidently. We trusted him completely with everything from sponsor liaison, to dealing with the media and talking to our families.

Tim inspires confidence and he quickly and easily became an integral part of our unconventional team. I feel very, very grateful to have had Tim on board.”

– Felicity Aston, Leader, Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition

British Schools Exploring Society

BSES Expeditions organise youth expeditions to the Arctic, Himalayas, Amazon jungle and beyond. They are based in the Royal Geographical Society and were founded in 1932 by a surviving member of Captain Scott’s final expedition.

I worked there as an Expedition Manager for two and a half years.

Visit BSES Expeditions’ website

“Tim was an innovative and most valuable member of our team. His passion for sharing life’s adventures and the benefits that come from them  is extraordinary, and I trust that it will enable you to take  on challenge and a journey that will add great value to both your life and your career.

Not only is Tim good at coming up with new ideas and ways to get things done but he also works hard and does so with a smile. His enthusiasm and advice is sure to be of benefit so I whole heartedly recommend his services to you.”

– Will Taunton-Burnet, Executive Director, BSES Expeditions

“Tim has a vast amount of experience in organising expeditions and events, his professionalism and ability to overcome problems is one of his great skills along with a desire and thirst to help others. His approachable manner and easy going nature making working with him a pleasure”

– Nigel Harling, Committee Chairman, BSES Expeditions

UCL Expedition & Travel Committee

I completed my undergraduate degree at University College London and received no small amount of support from their Expedition & Travel Committee in getting my first few adventures off the ground.

For the last six years since graduating I have been a Committee Member and regular mentor for the university students’ expeditions.

“Tim has been a fantastic asset to UCL’s Expedition and Travel Committee. As a student he and his friends organised some amazing trips and we were delighted to recruit him to the committee’s membership after he graduated. Subsequently he has acted as a mentor to further generations of UCL students embarking on their own adventures. If you want to know how to survive in Beijing or on a glacier in Greenland, then Tim is your man!”

– Ruth Siddall, Chair, UCL Expedition & Travel Committee

Sarah Outen – London-to-London: Via The World

In 2009, Sarah Outen became the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean, and the youngest woman to row any ocean.

In April 2011, she began another journey: circumnavigating the globe by human power alone. Kayaking, cycling and rowing. I was the Logistics Manager for first phase from London to Tokyo.

Visit Sarah Outen’s website

Professional Testimonials

“Tim’s experience of logistics shone through along with his technical ability in other areas”

– Howard N Jeffs, MIC, BCU Level 5 Coach (Sea-Surf)

“He demonstrated a very caring approach to his leadership, remaining aware of peoples needs, and responding to these in a way that maintained expedition focus. As with other successful leaders, he shared all hardships encountered with those around him, never failing to volunteer for unpleasant or arduous tasks, and proving a constant source of inspiration for all.

In short, Tim plays a pivotal role with those he works with, quickly winning the respect and confidence of those around him. He is both a pleasure to work with, and a constant source of inspiration.”

– Mark Hickman, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

“He has a calm and pragmatic approach to problem solving that is extremely beneficial, especially when dealing with foreign bureaucracy in the face of considerable and urgent issues.

He understands the expedition ethos and environment and knows, through his not inconsiderable experience, where to look for the solutions and how to “press the right buttons” of the individuals holding the keys.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to you in an expedition organisation and backup capacity.”

– Chris Horobin MBA, Director Wildcountry Consultants Ltd

“Tim, quite good at organising stuff”

– Ade Harris, MIA, WML

Client Testimonials

 “Your advice was very useful and answered a lot of my questions and worries. Reading about the projects on The Next Challenge gave me confidence that it might actually be possible!”

Richard, cycled Lands End to John O’Groats

“It is really encourraging to see that people are eager to help (for free) at the start of my journey”

Markus, cycling to Africa

“Your advice has been great and I really like your ‘go for it’ positive approach!”

Harry, kite buggied along the Brazilian coast

“Extremely helpful! I appreciate you taking the time to help out, and even more so to follow up.”

Leon, cycled New York to Hong Kong

“It’s a very positive boost knowing that someone with a lot of expedition experience believes that this is worthy and viable adventure!”

Keith, cycling in South America

“Your website is a goldmine! I intend to put your guidance to good use…”

Jon, researching a rickshaw journey in Thailand

“Your tips were extremely useful. Thank you VERY much for your detailed response.”

Robert, going swimming in Oman

“You have basically pointed me on exactly the path that I want to take for my 2012 summer plans.”

George, climbing in Russia

“Tim has been invaluable and allowed me to complete challenges I would not have been able to without his help. He has facilitated me following my dream.”

Francis, climbing big mountains

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