Cycling Home From Norway

Cycling Home

A 1,000 mile cycle home from an expedition in the Norwegian Arctic


At the end of August 2009, after 4 weeks in Northern Norway with BSES, I got onto the saddle of my trusty bike, known as “The Beast of Burden” or simply “Bob“, and cycled home.

Bob and I headed south for 1000 miles from the top of Norway on our greatest adventure together yet through Finland and Sweden. I had never been on a long bicycle journey like this before, nor had I travelled alone for so long either. It was a very simple trip that stands out amongst all of my adventures as one of the most memorable.


Diaries from the Saddle

  1. The Struggle – Waking up sick in the middle of a forest, miles from town
  2. Read about the BSES expedition I was on prior to cycling home
  3. Read the full trip report (displayed below)

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Trip Report

This is the report I wrote shortly after I got back:


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