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Kukri Adventure Scholarship (we didn’t get it)

Sea kayak approaching glacier on lake
As many of you will know from your kind support and our constant spamming, Laura and I entered a video into the Kukri Adventure Scholarship competition before Christmas.

It was partly judged on the number of votes cast for each video and we were roughly in the top third for vote count so thank you kindly for everyone who voted. But entries were also assessed by a panel of judges. Either way, we didn’t make it to the second round for interviews.

We were told that we would get feedback some weeks ago and I was waiting until we had a little more information before writing about it. But the feedback’s not come so, instead, I will just say a big congratulations to the five expeditions that went on to win scholarships and an even bigger good luck to them all!

Kukri Adventure Scholarship Results

Here are the winners, in not particular order:

The Mississippi Challenge 2013

In June 2013 Sam Norman, Matt Fraser and Harry Hogg will kayak down the Mississippi river from source to sea. A 2,400 mile journey taking 2-3 months of paddling.

Nick Hancock’s Rockall Solo

Nick is planning to land on the tiny Rockall island in the Hebrides and break both the solo and longest occupation records by staying on the island for 60 days. The aim of the expedition is to raise money for Help for Heroes

New York to Scotland Atlantic Row (NY2SY)

A solo row across the North Atlantic from New York to Stornoway. Follow @NY2SYsolo.

Adventure 2013 Sailing Trip

A nine month sailing trip to Antarctica and back that’s broken down into 3-4 week chunks so that people can join the boat for short stints at sea.

Super Cycling Man

My personal favourite: this guy is a teacher who dresses up as superman and goes on big long bike tours around the world to raise money for the World Cancer Research Fund and Parkinson’s UK. Brilliant. Follow @SuperCyclingMan.

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