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My Best 8 Photographs?

I applied recently for a job which required me to provide samples of my best photography.

I take photographs all the time and populate this blog with the ones I enjoy most but I’ve never given much thought to which ones are the “best”.

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t get the job.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you the eight images that I selected (with help from my friend Dave). Scroll down or view a slideshow if you prefer.

Self-portrait in the Quimsa-Cruz mountains


Mongolian Yurts


Summer Palace, Beijing


First British ascent of Torre Jihuana subsidiary peak


The return to base camp


The Next Challenge


Sunset over Crystal Springs, South Africa


The moment before the ice fell


What do you think? Have you seen better ones elsewhere on my site? Or would you be willing to contribute a few of your own?

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