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Rob’s first triathlon

Three Peaks

This morning I am packing my bags once again for another little adventure. Ever since I’ve known Rob he has been preparing for this event: his first triathlon.  Here’s what’s going to happen in his own words:

“The time has come!  Dawn on Monday morning, my great adventure starts, and I have a mixture of excitement and real joy.  A slightly odd mix, and bizarrely positive considering what I am about to do.

I start with a 25ish mile run across the fells from Ravensglass on the Cumbrian coast, to Coniston Water in the Lake District.  After a quick cup of tea and a sit down, I’ll be swimming 5 miles down Coniston Water, aided by some very helpful and willing volunteers.  Then another short sit down before cycling 160ish miles along Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route, over the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, to Robin Hood Bay in Northumberland.  There, we will celebrate with a beer.

I’m particularly looking forward to sleeping out under the stars, and being outdoors all day for a few days!  It’s incredibly liberating to entirely make up my own event.  It feels absolutely exhilarating and so very exciting, I’ve had a beaming smile all week.

I’m raising money for an animal welfare charity based in Pokhara, Nepal, Himalayan Animal Rescue Team, These guys are looking after overworked and mistreated animals, as well as managing stray dogs.  If you’d like to donate, please visit where every penny goes to help poor doggies and donkeys.

Also, check our who have helped me get the right fuel for this adventure.   I’ve always thought that the energy gels and isotonic drinks are a bit wierd looking, nasty tasting and sugary.  And thousands of years ago we used to go for days and miles on nuts, seeds and a little meat, without needing bright blue drinks that glow in the dark.  And the Food for Thought guys have helped me with pure natural and organic foods.  I never thought I’d be adding bee pollen to my porridge!”

Live updates will follow through Twitter and on these pages.

Laura and Tim Moss are currently cycling 10,000 miles around the world. They are raising money for JDRF Diabetes Research and proudly supported by Lyon Equipment.

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