Writing Highlights

As well as the practical advice and opinion articles I produce, I really like to write more creative pieces whenever I can.

Some highlights are below.

Personal Favourites

I wrote these three pieces a while ago but they remain my proudest:

My Subtle Epiphany

That contrasting feeling of simultaneous inspiration and frustration with the world. A slow creeping realisation that strikes with the alacrity of treacle off a spoon.

Mountains and Molehills

Making the everyday more adventurous. A simple bike ride through Richmond Park becomes a race to the death and I ain’t gonna lose.

I Feel At Home In Traffic

An attempt to express who I am and where I feel at ease. It’s not got a lot to do with expeditions.

Salar de Uyuni

Creative Pieces

Adventure, If You Believe It

If a television programme in high definition featuring presenters with mud splattered faces talking in superlatives about the severity of the situation and the extremity of their environment gives you the impression that an expedition is a terrifying experience requiring you to risk life and limb then think again…

If Not With Words

An indirect explanation of why I ran the length of every London Underground train line.

When Again Will I Eat Houmous at Midnight?

Reminiscing about the horrible, wonderful things that you do on expedition.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

My rickshaw and I take on the world.

You Are Not Home Yet

As an expedition nears completion, you may be out of the woods but you cannot yet say you are truly back home.

This One’s For You

A poem of thanks to all those who have read this website and helped me on my way.

I also wrote a list of some favourite lines from my blog.

Accounts from My Adventures

Here are a few stories from expeditions that I’ve been on:

Dude, Where’s My Tent?

I pitched my tent on a deserted island beach, drove off for a walk then came back at night…

What It’s Like

Fighting against heat, nausea and perpetual wind on the Patagonian steppe

How to Have an Adventure for £100

With finances at an all-time low, I took the money I was given for Christmas and set to have an adventure on a budget.

A Sunny Summer Sunday

A British day out, swimming in the River Thames.

Day One in the Desert

My first foray in a hot, sandy environment which necessitates digging my car out of the sand using Tupperware.

An Introduction to Arctic Exploration

An initial journey to Svalbard, skiing and camping at -20. Published in Adventure Travel MagazineParts II and III here.

Cycling Around Masirah Island on Christmas Day

A unique December 25th pedalling the 90-mile circumference of a desert island in the Gulf

The Sight of Solitude

Struck with snow blindness on a mountaineering expedition in Bolivia. Originally written for Wide World MagPart II here.

Tales from London

I have lived in London for many years and enjoy writing about it.

All three of my favourite articles – My Subtle EpiphanyMountains and Molehills and I Feel At Home In Traffic – are also set in London.

(I also lived in Oman for a while)

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