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    Clayton Pratt


    I’m Clayton Pratt, a fellow bike tourer. I stumbled across your website as I was looking for Warmshower hosts in Jaipur, India. You left a comment for a host you stayed with and that took my to your blog. Having also just cycled from Jaisalmer to Jaipur (we are currently in Jaipur) I quickly found that section of your website. I love reading it, they are my thoughts exactly, put very well into words. My favorite is “our emotions swing wildly from deep annoyance to a sense of wonder and joy on an hourly basis”. So true. It’s a constant up and down.

    Congratulations on the completion of your trip. Hope all is well,


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      Tim Moss

      Hey Clayton

      Thanks for the message. I hope the ‘ups’ are outweighing the downs over there. It’s a crazy place.

      Best of luck with the rest of your journey.


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    Congratulations on the completion of your trip. Hope all is well,
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