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    hi, you’re keen on the Helium. The key question for me: do you think it will really withstand rain? I’m in the UK as well and obviously it can rain any time without warning. I was wild camping just two nights ago and after a day of hot sun it thundered heavily overnight for about four hours. Do you think this could handle that?



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      Tim Moss

      Hey Toby,

      I think it should hold up in the rain. Its waterproof rating (hydrostatic head) is 20,000 which is the same rating that Goretex gets.

      Of course, if its wet and humid all night and you sleep with the hood closed then it’s likely it’ll get wet on the inside from condensation anyway… but that’s not as bad as leaking!

      Let me know how you get on if you decide to buy one.


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    Jared Chrysostom

    Several retailers who sell the Helium state that it is freestanding. Obviously it won’t stand up on its own when empty, but when you are inside on an inflated sleeping pad, does the hoop stay up enough to keep the netting off of your face? I camp on exposed rock often when doing long-exposure night sky photography, and I have not yet found a stake that I can pound into granite. Also, for a shorter person (5’9″), is there room at the bottom for stuff?

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      Tim Moss

      Hey Jared, the Helium works OK without pegs. It’s not as robust as the Terra Nova Jupiter because it’s so much lighter but you can certainly use it without pegs and keep the hoop off your face. If you’re 5’9″ then you could get a bit of kit down by four feet (or above your head).

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    do you think the bivy could be used without the poles from the head part?

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      Tim Moss

      Yes. It would just work like a hoopless bivvy. I’ve done that quite often with my Terra Nova Jupiter, which is a similar design.

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    Lon next

    Hi – could I ask how long is the pole? (I’ve lost mine and need to get hold of a replacement)

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      Tim Moss

      Hi Lon,

      Here are the specs:

      5 x segments
      4 segments with metal brackets @ 281mm (including metal bracket)
      1 segment with no metal bracket @ 295mm
      Full length of pole ~1358mm (when plastic poles are slotted into metal brackets)

      Hopefully that makes sense but let me know if you need more or some photos.

      Good luck!


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