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    Wise words. I find it easy to get sucked into the “oooh, bright shiny new things!” trap, so I find myself asking whether a certain piece of kit is adds any benefit to my performance/comfort/experience. And I find that while reading running/cycling forums and blogs can be inspirational, it’s human nature to compare yourself to others, and this can plant seeds of doubt . Without a benchmark though, your own acheivements are always record-breaking.

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    “Without a benchmark, your own achievements are always record-breaking”


    As for shiny new things, I’ll readily admit that I am a gear fiend when it comes to certain activities (e.g. mountaineering) but I think it’s OK to enjoy those things as long as you don’t get sucked into thinking you need them or put off because you don’t have have them.

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    John Wilton-Davies

    Spot-on comments about triathlons. my brother and I entered a triathlon as a team, the first for either of us. We used our normal bikes – not even racers, and went into the tent to carefully change between each stage, taking a good 15 mins in all. We still came 10th. Just because the others have got all the gear, doesn’t mean they’re any better, even if they are scary to watch at the start.

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    John, I was just trying to make the point that you don’t need fancy gear or special training to -take part- in an event. So the fact that you guys have taken a laissez-fiare approach and still placed Top 10 really rams that message home.

    Less hype, less stress, more fun!


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