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A Day in the Desert – Sharqiya Sands in Pictures

I keep having to pinch myself over here in Oman as a reminder that I am not on holiday and that these amazing places I visit are done so on my weekend, just a few hours’ drive from Muscat.

One of the highlights of my week is downloading the photos from the previous weekend for a slideshow of instant memories.

I’d like to share one of them with you from my first trip to the desert. Specifically, the Sharqiya Sands (previously known as Wahiba Sands) and all from a single day:

Wake up cool after going to sleep in the heat

Strike camp

Get car stuck in sand


Switch to a four-wheel-drive for a drop off in the dunes


Gawp at the endless vista


Head into the dunes




And deeper


Suck down water like it was air (we had about 5-litres each through the day)


Look for shade


And  escape the midday sun


Press on until the sun goes down

Set up camp, eat a little food and play a little music before bed


Then wake up and do it all again

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