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An Impressive List of Polar People

Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctica Expedition (Photo: Robert Hollingworth)

The list of experienced polar explorers/adventurers/expeditioners who were kind enough to contribute advice or stories to my book really makes me smile to read through.

These people feature in the North and South Pole chapters:

Pen Hadow – The first Briton to reach the North Pole solo and unassisted from Canada

Jim McNeil – Jim is a polar explorer with 26 years’ experience of Arctic travel

Matty McNair – Who runs North Winds polar expeditions and training company on Baffin Island and has been to both poles

Charlie Paton – The first Scotsman to walk unsupported to the North Pole

Conrad Dickinson – Who has walked unsupported to the North Pole, South Pole and across the Greenland icecap

Erling Kagge – Half of the first team to walk unsupported to the North Pole

Ann Daniels – Joint first woman to reach the North and South Poles as part of all women teams

Børge Ousland – Who has skied to the North Pole four times including solo, winter and traverse expeditions

Helen Turton – Helen has skied to the North Pole on Last Degree expeditions and to the South Pole as part of the Women’s Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition.

Sarah McNair – Who has completed full distance expeditions to both the North and South Pole.

Fiona Thornewill – Joint first British woman to ski to both Geographic poles

Alex Hibbert – Holds the record for the longest polar journey of all time.

Antony Jinman – Who skied from land to the North Pole in 2010 and founded Education Through Expeditions

Robert Swan – The first person to walk to the North and South Poles

Hannah McKeand – Who holds the record for the fastest solo woman to the South Pole

Mike Thornewill – Mike has completed coastal expeditions to both the South and North Poles

Felicity Aston – Leader of the Women’s Commonwealth Antarctic expedition and the first woman to traverse Antarctica solo

How to Get to the North Pole:

and Other Iconic Adventures

Newly published for April 2012

How To Get To The North Pole

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