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Microadventure Competition

An extra blog post this week to let you know about a great competition aimed at getting more people outside having adventures.

And before you switch off, they’re supposed to start and finish at your front door and needn’t last more than 24 hours so I think that counts most people in.

I quote the following from Al Humphreys’ website (and there are some great videos below to keep you scrolling):

The Rules:

1. Your journey must start and finish at your front door (or your office)
2. You must cover, through non-motorised means, a circular journey of a distance that is moderately difficult for you
3. It must take at least 24 hours (ish)
4. You must sleep outdoors in a place you have never been before (really, really ideally not in a tent)
5. You must have an outdoor swim
6. Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men

We’ll be running the challenge until the 30th September (so that includes a nice long weekend). Pick a nice sunny evening and lock the front door behind you.

How to enter:
Send howies your story.
Blog it, film it, sketch it, take a photo every hour, you could even write a poem. Just share your Microadventure to be in with a chance of winning one of four £250 howies bundles and for your story to feature on the great howies website.

Then upload your stories to facebook, tweet a link to@howies (#microadventures) on twitter, send an email to [email protected] or post a letter to their Cardigan HQ.


And finally, here are some clips from Al’s Year of Microadventures to whet your appetite:

The Shetland Isles by Folding Bike and Inflatable Boat

Micro Adventure #3: Sleep On A Hill

Micro Adventure #2: Use Your Weekend

And you might get some more inspiration from my Everyday Adventures series


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