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    Kevin Post

    I couchsurfed in the cold city of Erzurum with a German guy cycling from İstanbul to Tehran and he claimed that the dazer was useless the majority of the time.

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    tip number 11: if cycling in Senegal, get a good mosquito net and don’t go out in Dakar. You’ll get a bad headache and there’s no McDonalds for a healthy hangover breakfast ;)

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    Stumbled upon this article after having searched for tips on how to deal with the dogs in Romania.

    Having just rolled in to Sibiu, I can honestly say that today has not been enjoyable due to the packs of dogs that have chased me through countless villages. It’s really not nice when there’s 5 of them chasing you down.

    I carry a stash of small rocks to use against them (not actually hitting the dogs, but close enough to scare them), should they get too close, but today that didn’t seem to work.

    Pepper spray sounds a good idea, but not sure on where to get any one the road here in Romania?

    Oh well.

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      Tim Moss

      Hey Dave, sorry to hear the dogs are getting you down. Since hosting that article, I’ve completed a 16-month cycle tour of my own and we also found ourselves chased by dogs. But we soon discovered that every single one of them stopped chasing when we stopped cycling. Every time we saw dogs, we just dismounted and pushed. Simple. It was still annoying but we never had a problem after that. Good luck!


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