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    Chris Larvin

    Interesting post and interesting position you found yourself in!
    Honestly, I don’t think a white van man should have any right to call the other cyclist a t*** purely because he’s opted not to use the cycle lane. Would he call a bus driver slowing him down a t*** as well? The road is for sharing, cycle paths shouldn’t be mandatory.
    I hate the cycle path on Priory Lane, and rarely use it (in both directions). The surface isn’t great (particularly in the wet), its shared with pedestrians who aren’t always paying attention and when busy its a nightmare if you get stuck behind a slower cyclist as passing can be awkward. That and you can’t whip down it at 20mph!

    I’m the kind of cyclist that gets highly irritated by red light jumpers, pavement cyclists and bad cycling in general; particularly with those who claim they do it to make themselves safer!

    Moving from London to Derbyshire this summer has been a bit of a shock when it comes to road cycling. For a start drivers are much more courteous, or perhaps wary, when passing or meeting cyclists. Perhaps its down to meeting fewer cyclists on a day to day basis, patience or just good defensive driving rather than aggressively dashing across London. Saying that there is still the occasional incompetent driver, the kind that try to overtake you on a country lane whilst you’re descending at 40+ mph.

    (and his Bianchi)

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    Hey Chris

    I really wanted to leave out the van driver insulting the other cyclist but thought it would be a bit dishonest.

    Clearly the guy on the road wasn’t doing anything wrong.

    The Priory Lane route is one of the few that I really enjoy. But then I don’t have a Bianchi (which sounds fast!).


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    Priory Lane’s on my route to work. My answer for any driver who thinks I should be on the cycle lane is ‘What? You think I should be doing 20mph on a pavement shared with pedestrians?’ I always find it’s safer to ride at speed on the road, especially when it’s legal – the speed limit on cycletracks is only 12mph, and I’m not keen to break the law on my bike. When put to drivers that way, it starts to make more sense…


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