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    Tom Allen

    +1 Decathlon. If you’re getting started on a shoestring you can walk in wearing your boxers* and walk out ready to begin pretty much any adventure you might dream up.

    For second hand kit, also try Gumtree, Craigslist, and charity shops. I recently got a mint 80’s Berghaus 40l rucksack from a Cancer Research UK store for a fiver.

    And for free stuff, check out your local Freegle / Freecycle groups. Also look around your local recycling centre towards the end of summer, after festival season and when school’s back in.

    *I don’t suggest you actually do this

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    Don’t forget Aldi and Lidl. If you are carefull, bargains to be had, e.g. merino or bamboo baselayers for £10/£5., softshells for £16, primaloft jackets £19 and the best cycling gloves I’ve ever used at £4.99. Usually seasonal, so have to look out for the deals. All tested by me in the field and as good (sometimes better) than the “proper” brands. Label snobs need not apply!

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    Mark Thstcher

    Sports Direct is ok for a few bits if you’re a runner. To much brand snobbery at events. Nowt wrong with decathlon and karrimor for your basics. Great blog!!!

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    There are lots of great independent outdoor retailers who offer competitive prices on their websites. They generally have sales staff who are outdoor enthusiasts themselves, so they can offer advice about the kit gained from their own personal experience. Why not look up your local independent, then drop by to check out their range and say hello?

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    Tom Fearnehough

    Try aliexpress – they sell some great tents / tarp tents, sleeping bags, down jackets at about 1/4 of the price you’d pay for branded products.

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      Tim Moss

      Thanks Tom. Not used there before.


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