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    Andy Hayes

    1, 3 and 4 are too cliched. Reduce the text size on number 2 and put it at the top.

  2. 2


    The last one has more balance in the design. I’d suggest printing it out, wrapping around a book and place next to other books and compare how it sits/reads.
    The subtitle at top needs work, its floating. Try moving it down or enlarge.
    Also the title may need some work. Try enlarging font or look at other font. Good luck

    1. 2.1

      Tim Moss

      Thanks Jack. I agree about the floating subtitle and need for a bigger font. Here are updated versions:

      I like the idea of printing it out and wrapping it round a book. That may be this weekend’s activity…

  3. 3


    The first has a nice clean but warm feel, but I like the idea of both of you in the frame, more accessible to female readers. Not such a fan of the big text on 2 but like the photo. If I had to choose two concepts, I’d go for either no 1 or no. 4. Lovely colours in both. (Sorry if that wasn’t helpful at all!)

    1. 3.1

      Tim Moss

      Thanks Alice. I think you’ve summarised the majority opinion: #1 is clean and visually appealing, but #4 has both of us in and fits the story better.

  4. 4



    I concur. 1 is a good photo and would be the best if Laura was in it too – I assume she may have been the photographer? Go with 4 but maybe play around with colour hue? Glad you haven’t gone too avant-garde and put a cake on the front! Cheers. Andy.


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