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    Tom Allen

    Sadly Oman will now indeed be “lumped in” with elsewhere in the Middle East as a result of those throwaway sentences. My impression of Oman and its people’s attitude towards the Sultan was also overwhelmingly positive. Whatever hand the British might have had in putting his line on the throne, the fact remains that he’s popular for good reasons, and thus Oman one of the most contented places I’ve cycled through. Imagine that – people happy under a benevolent monarch!

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    Tim Moss

    Thanks Tom. Taking my bike to the mountains this weekend but not sure that I’m going to make it to Jebel Akhdar. I’d have loved to test my legs on it.

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    Taniya Keoghan

    I lived in Oman in the 1980s and prior to that in Dubai from ’69-76. I remember well the overthrowing of Sultan Qaboos’s father and how Qaboos brought the country out of the middle ages and into the 20th century in a matter of years. It is still my favourite country of all my travels and I would happily return there tomorrow. I have never had anything but friendliness and kindness from the Omanis. It would be really sad if this stunning country deteriorated into ‘just another Middle Eastern state’.


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