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    Tom Allen

    You are going to be delighted to hear that Turkey has it’s own abundant Lidl-esque chain of knockdown supermarkets called BIM. Look out for them :)

    1. 1.1


      Found it already Tom! Brilliant. Profiteroles for 30p. We may the first people to cycle around the world and actually put weight ON.

  2. 2


    I so much understand what you are talking about. After three months in India we were excited about the convenience of a 7-11 supermarket in Thailand and finally no longer worrying about where to buy food all day long. It’s these little things that make us travelling cyclists happy.

    We’re in the meantime in Australia and they have Aldi, heaven once more!

    Have a safe trip.


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    Peter Gostelow

    Sounds very familiar. You don’t have to justify using LIDL – my front panniers were also bulging with the bulk purchases I made there. East of Turkey you can probably forget large supermarkets, until you reach….China?

  4. 4

    Andreas Simon

    Ah, that lovely meat salad – I didn’t know that it is actually available outside the German language space – but good to know :)

    As far as those “bad” large corporations go. I am very critic of (mostly) western consumerism too. On the other hand, one also has to see that life/the world has grown too complex to just get by with the romantic attitude of only supporting the little shops. While there had been issues with those discount chain-stores, they don’t need to be bad by definition if politics implements decent laws tailored towards sustainability.

    Oh and we had been grateful too to find Aldi in Australia… :)

  5. 5

    Tim Moss

    I don’t even like Lidl.

  6. 6

    Neil Cousins

    Loving the posts! Keep up the good work amigos!!

  7. 7


    too funny! LMAO Its all I swore by during my trip through Denmark and Germany and Salzburg. I was on a 1.5 euro a day budget and I would hunt down Lidl’s to find discounted breads, or the chocolates with cookies that were usually .60 for two whole boxes sometimes. Deeper into Denmark it got really cheap. I stocked up on fruits and breads with any dipping mixtures that were .30 lol. I managed to live off Lidl for two months, and only spend 100 Euro, Sure was brutal at times, but I came back to the gluttony of life and machine man, processed disgusting foods, fast enough. Your article is right on!!! Did the same thing!

    1. 7.1

      Tim Moss

      Glad to have found another fan, Kip!


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