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Tim Moss has supported over 100 expeditions across all seven continents. He has climbed new mountains, crossed a desert on foot and recently cycled 13,000 miles around the world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society London and a Guinness World Record Holder. He aims to encourage more people to live adventurously. Read more...


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    Sarah Outen

    Great little piece there, Tim. I completely agree that the celebrity culture is ruining some great opportunities for brilliant TV and media content. For instance, I was told that my Indian Ocean row footage was great and exciting and dramatic but that it wouldn’t work for these folk (Insert big TV Channels here) because I haven’t been on Big Brother. Likewise with a certain high profile publisher – no book deal until I’ve been on TV with a six part series. Ahem! Do they not realise that the celebrity factor is a self-perpetuating cycle? If they only put celebs on TV, then people will only watch celebs on TV.

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    Richard Walsh

    Really like this piece and am becoming increasingly frustrated by “celebrity” expeditions.
    I know they are doing great things for their chosen charities, but many people would give anything for the opportunities given to seemingly underwhelmed, ungrateful celebrities.
    Maybe its jealousy on my part, but I give my all when completing my events; training in every scrap of time, doing my best to raise publicity in what’s left.
    Compare this to the high profile celebrity expeditions, my current favourite being water-skiing across the channel, 3-4 months training with the best water-ski instructor the country has to offer, fitness training with David Haye, and having all the best kit and facilities handed to you no a plate.
    There is one exception to this rule however, my hat goes off to Helen Skelton (Blue Peter presenter) who without too much fuss or coverage became the first woman to paddle the length of the Amazon, at the same time breaking the records for the longest solo journey by kayak and the longest distance in a kayak in 24 hours by a woman.

    I’m sure there will be plenty more of these amazing human feats over the coming years, but us the ‘real people’ should not become undeterred, I know I’ll do my best not to be…


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