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  • All Human Life

    His huge form loomed over us in the doorway. Shaved head and powerful piercing eyes invisibly forcing us back into the darkened street. Well don't jus more ...

    25 February 2015
  • 8 Interviews I’ve Given Recently

    I often get asked to give "interviews" by email and, on the off chance they might be of interest to anyone reading this blog, I thought I'd share the more ...

    18 February 2015
  • The Kit You Need to Cross a Desert (without breaking the bank)

    I looked down at my smart phone then ahead at the dirt track illuminated by the headlights of our Mazda. 'It should be on our left any time now', I re more ...

    16 February 2015
  • Around the World in 80 Tweets

    Upon our return from cycling around the world we were presented with the most wonderful present from our friends. They had sifted through our many Twi more ...

    09 February 2015
  • Hands up if you’re running a mile a day

    At the beginning of this year, Tim and I agreed to run the equivalent of a mile for every day of 2015. We invited people to join us and we were really more ...

    04 February 2015

Cycling Around the World

Laura Moss Tim MossLaura and Tim Moss just finished cycling around the world.

We left London on August 18th 2013 and cycled 13,054 miles across Europe, the Middle East, India, Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. We got home on December 13th

A huge THANK YOU to everyone we met on the way and who followed us online!

Click here to read all about it…

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