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Cycling Around the World

Laura Moss Tim MossLaura and Tim Moss are currently cycling around the world.

They left London on August 18th 2013 and cycled 9,698 miles across Europe, the Middle East, India, Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

They are now cycling across the United States from California to Florida and are currently in Texas.

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Comparison of Mid Layers (insulating jackets)

This article explains the various different types of insulating mid-layer jackets (like down, primaloft and Buffalo), compares the advantages and disadvantages of each, and offers some recommendations. I wrote the first version of this piece in 2012 and have just given it a complete overhaul in light of the popularity of my other comparison articles such as base layers, camping mats and bivy bags (see the complete list here) and in time for the cold winter weather. The Best Mid Layers The best m more ...

25 November 2014 (2) comments

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