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Laura Moss spent 16 months cycling 13,000 miles around the world. She curates the Long Distance Cycling Journeys database and organises the Festival of Cycle Touring. Her husband, Tim, runs this website. Read more...


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    your guys should have an app!

    me and Raff want to do something. a challenge. looked at urbanathalon but would prefer every penny to charity i think rather than organisers.

    hmm, chat soon x x

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    I was really touched by this post, it’s like you understand me. I don’t want to do the same thing everyday and live my life without doing fun things and trying new things. It’s been really hard since I’ve practicly explored every square inch of were I live and don’t have the time to travel much, but there is never a time were you are finished having adventures. You can learn new things, experience new things, and find new things everyday and still not be finished yet. You are good at teaching this. I am so exited because I’m trying to find a film class in my city that I can take. (:


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