The Next Challenge Expedition Grant

The Next Challenge Expedition Grant

The 2018 Next Challenge Grant is open for applications.

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The Next Challenge Grant


The Next Challenge Grant is an annual bursary for adventures.

It was started in 2015 and has funded over 40 different adventures. The money comes from me (Tim Moss), small crowdfunded donations and contributions from other adventurers.

Tim Moss - Expedition Beard


I received many expedition grants when I was younger and they helped me undertake some fantastic adventures, which have shaped the person I am today. I am now in a position where I can give something back.

In 2015 this website earned £200 in advertising revenue and I decided to offer that as a grant. When I announced my intention, lots of other ‘adventurers’ offered to match my pledge, and 100 members of the public donated £2 each to do the same. We raised £1,600.

That process now happens every year and we typically raise around £2,000. The money is distributed between the winning applicants, each receiving between £100 and £800 (plus kit). Anyone can apply.

Past winners

Robin Lewis - Walking Japan's coastline

Elise Downing - Running the Coast of Great Britain

Cycling the Berlin Wall

Kerry-Anne Mairs - 5 nights in 5 bothies with a 5-year-old

Charlie & Sam King - Cycling through Europe

Who can apply?

The grant is open to all people, of all ages and of any nationality.

It is primarily aimed at beginners and those who have not done lots of expeditions before.

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What can I get?

Winners of the grant get a share of up to £2,000 (typically £100 to £200 per trip).

You can get help from me if you want it and I have a small amount of equipment I can loan out too.

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Who’s won it?

There have been 40 winners of The Next Challenge Grant so far with between 8 and 17 people winning an award each year since 2015.

Many of the winners are pictured on this page.

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Who funds it?

In addition to the £200 I put in, The Next Challenge Expedition Grant is made possible by the generous contributions from a range of other ‘adventurers’ and lots of £3 donations from members of the public

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Heather Jones - Cycling the Welsh Three Peaks

Abbie Barnes - Walking the National Trails

Richard Fairbrother - Walking the Great Wall in Winter

How to apply

Applications for the 2018 Next Challenge Grant are now open. The deadline is 31 January 2018.

If you would like to apply then please read the criteria to check whether your plan is eligible.

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If your trip is eligible then there are two stages:

1. Initial Application

A very short Google Form with the basic outline of who you are and what your idea is. Deadline: 31 January 2018.

If you don’t like writing then you can apply by video instead. Click the link below for instructions.

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2. Shortlist & Detailed Application

A shortlist will be invited to complete a full application form with more details about their plans.

Crossing Stradbroke Island

Ben Smith & Judith Pope - Pakrafting Caledonian Canal

Mikey Bartley cycling up Alp d'Huez

Amanda McDonnell - Running the Channel Islands

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Megan Cumberlidge - Bikepacking the GR247 in Andalusia
Dan Keeley - Running from Rome to home

Guru and family - Walking in the Western Ghats

Dani and Fernando - Tandem Camindo de Santiago
Joanne Mccallum - Paddleboarding Lough Neagh



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