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Sharks, Hearts and Death-Bed Regrets

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Below are six of the adventure and philosophical blogging highlights from April 2012.  Featured this month is advice on protecting yourself from sharks when swimming across oceans (useful stuff), running with a broken heart (in the more literal rather than romantic sense) and a strangely compelling motivational video (#3).

I make a similar list each month. Browse the old and best in the Six of the Best archive.

Six of the Best – April 2012

  1. Top Five Regrets of the Dying – Susie Steiner, The Guardian
  2. Sharks Live in the Ocean – Evan, Fresh Water Swimmer
  3. This is an Invocation for anyone who Hasn’t Begun – Ze Frank,
  4. The Heart to Run – Theresa Ashley, Beyond Limits
  5. 5 Tips for First Time Scuba Divers – Stephanie Phillips, Outdoors Blogger
  6. 7 things you should give up to be a happy cyclist  – Andreas, London Cyclist

Photo courtesy of David Tett

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