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Syria, London, Cape Town – Six of the Best, August 2011

Flight of the Pigeon, Muscat, Oman

Below are some articles from other people’s websites that I have enjoyed reading over the last month and think that you might too. They tend to be from blogs about expeditions, adventures, life and philosophy.

I got rid of the voting feature because no one was using it. If you miss it then let me know in the comments section below otherwise I’ll save myself the bother!


1. Look At Syria -Tom’s Bike Trip

Nice photos from a country in the news


2. 50 Best Places To Work from Outside Magazine

American but still interesting


3. Top Five Ocean-Tastic Moments – Roz Savage

Highlights 99 days into her Pacific row


4. Guardian of the South – Cycling the Six

Dr Steve reaches Cape Town on his six continent bike tour


5. 24hr Treadmill Run Report – Run With Mark

Honest account of another gruelling event


6. Active Days Out From London – Fresh Air Fix

Lots of nice ideas. Browse the whole series.


Laura and Tim Moss are currently cycling 10,000 miles around the world. They are raising money for JDRF Diabetes Research and proudly supported by Lyon Equipment.

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Tim has supported over 100 expeditions across all seven continents. He has climbed new mountains, crossed a desert and is currently cycling around the world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society London and a Guinness World Record. He aims to encourage more people to live adventurously.

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