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    Tom Allen (@tomsbiketrip)

    Nice and succinct, as always!

    Quick correction — the Hubba Hubba HP hasn’t been discontinued; it’s just a Europe-only model now. The standard (non-HP model) has indeed been replaced by the NX, however. (The difference between the two is mainly to do with the inner tent; the standard being pure insect mesh, and the HP being a mixture of mesh and ultralight fabric.)

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      Tim Moss

      Thanks Tom. I did my NX research on your website – ha ha! Good that the Hubba Hubba HP is still available in Europe.

      I did know about the standard vs HP difference though having forked out the extra £100 for the latter.

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    Tiffany Bolgert

    I’d think it largely depends on where you’re touring and what the weather is expected to be like… no? Seems kinda obvious, if you’re expecting to have some bad weather, you might want to bring the tents along just in case. Yes there are waterproof bivi bags and they’re fine and everything but… I still wouldn’t want to be caught in a real torrential downpour in one.

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      Tim Moss

      Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I guess the problem is that you often don’t know what the weather will be like. If you knew it would be nice then the decision would indeed be obvious.

      Also, bringing a tent “just in case” is quite a large and heavy addition for something that you’re hoping not to use. That’s why, in our case, the tent was the default but we carried the lightest possible bivvy bags (Rab Survival Zone Lite, 200 grams), which aren’t waterproof, knowing that we would only use them when we had good weather.

      All the best,


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