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    A post about non-verbal communication without even mentioning “smile”!?? I certainly see potential to extend the list a wee bit… ;)
    But seriously, great list indeed! Even though it’s quite an obvious option when thinking about it, but I need make sure to remember the magic letter…
    I found that maps generally cause some excitement as well. Depending on where you travel it might be pretty exciting for locals to show where you are, maybe where you come from or even where they are from.
    Keep having fun on the road (and alongside!) and good luck mastering the art of wordless communication!

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      Laura Moss

      Thanks Oliver, and smile should definitely be on there! The number of times we’ve met intimidating, unfriendly people and then had our impression reversed once we offer the first smile…

      A map is a good shout too. It usually provides a good topic of conversation. Glad you enjoyed the list!

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    Jonathan Morris

    Fantastic tips guys! Of course, when I first read this, this was what I immediately thought of:

    1. 2.1

      Tim Moss

      Excellent Jon. We’ve dedicated quite a lot of time to doing impressions of that advert over the last few months so it’s good to see the original.


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