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    Rob Thomson

    Are they quiet? My MSR inflatable is so noisy…the Neo Air…I can’t use it becuase it crackles like a potato chip packet!

    1. 1.1

      Tim Moss

      These are quiet Rob. No rustling problem which you hear so much about with the Neo Air.

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  3. 2


    Hi Tim,
    Based on your review and your comparison tables I’ve just ordered one of these mats, hopefully will get it in time for this weekends bivvy! You mention a super thin foam mat underneath – what do you use for this & where did you get it? Apologies if you have answered this elsewhere already. Thanks

    1. 2.1

      Tim Moss

      Hi Rich, I hope the mat arrives and fits the purpose. The thin mat’s mostly used for protection but, in carrying it, you also get a tough mat that you can sit on outside.

      Details here: http://thenextchallenge.org/camping-mats/#foam

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    Hello Tim,
    My Synmat UL 7 LW delaminated after only 12 nights. It was almost 3 years old, and the warranty on Exped UL Products is only 2 years. If you buy one of these, make sure you start using it straight away. Exped non-UL products have a 5 year warranty, which is well worth the extra weight in my opinion, but they also seem to fail sometimes. I have changed to another brand now, and I’m not going back to Exped after this expensive disappointment.

    1. 3.1

      Tim Moss

      Oh dear, sorry to hear about your mat Thomas. You’re probably right that it’s worth considering the slight extra weight/cost for the non UltraLight models.

  5. 4

    Simon Mugglestone

    Hi Tim, just out of interest, why didn’t you go for the down filled version? I’ve been looking at both and can’t quite make my mind up which one to go for… cheers, Simon.

    1. 4.1

      Tim Moss

      Hi Simon,

      I figure that while I can do a pretty good job of keeping a precious down jacket from getting wet, a camping mat is inevitably going to get damp at some point. From the occasional soggy tent floor to water vapour condensing inside with the temperature difference.

      And synthetic mats are still amazingly warm, so it didn’t feel like anywhere near the same kind of compromise as with using a synthetic sleeping bag.

      Hope that helps!



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