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    What about number of failures or problems? Any difference in the experiences?

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    Tim Moss

    Hi Janne, that’s the pertinent question really.

    I think broadly the theory is that external gears have little problems regularly that are easier to fix, either yourself or by any local mechanic.

    In contrast, an internal hub isn’t supposed to ever go wrong but if it does then it’s much harder to fix (although I’ve heard that Rohloff are good at sending replacements).

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    One other possible reason for people not using internal gear hubs is because the vast majority of bicycle frames are not internal hub compatible. One must buy or have a frame that is internal hub compatible before even considering these. I love my titanium frame from Lynskey, but I’m not going to buy a DIFFERENT kind of bike frame just because it is compatible with a Rohloff. It’s not just the cost of the internal hub. It’s also important to consider the cost and the variety/selection of the frames available.


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