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    I currently own an iSatPhone Pro and it’s been a wonderful purchase. It has come through for me when I’m in some remote areas with no cellular service, rendering my smartphone useless. It has a lot of features and the thing I love most is the 8-hour talk time. Should you want to check the specs, you can check http://www.issi-us.net/products/isatphone-pro/

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    I bought an Iridium in August 2013 for my disabled mother in Sydney, incase of an emergency. It was faulty out of the box. Iridium refused to help, I even contacted their CEO Matt Desch about the problem – ignored it, and did everything possible to make us go away.

    Then in October 2013 a bushfire struck my mothers town. Destroying 210+ houses, and damaging many hundreds more. Mobile and landline infrastructure was damaged, and she was unable to call for help as the Iridium sat there faulty. She tried to escape when she realised it was getting too dangerous, as the back part of the house had caught fire. She fell from her wheelchair in the panic, and – thankfully – just outside the door.

    A fire crew saw her on the ground and pulled her out safely.

    When contacted AFTER this happened, Iridium and their CEO were just as unhelpful. Even going so far as to blame my mother!

    An Iridium executive has made jokes on Twitter about people being set on fire, since this all happened.


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    Jack Willim

    Great article. I think all the satellite phones have their own pros and cons. So all are good.


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